Thursday, September 26, 2013

Beckham, Birthday Bliss

Amen !!
I love October...
But first there was a fabulous September ! It has been a wonderful month with many joys and so much fun. We had Beckham for a week of pure bliss. I often feel like blogging is redundant because I already posted on Instagram and Facebook about all the fun we had. But I want these days to be on my blog forever  
Travis and  Ashlyn went to Europe for their 5th wedding anniversary.  Off to Paris and Spain and every photo they posted looked so fun and relaxing.  
They are darling!!


but I would much rather be right here in T- Town with this sweet babe
He was a pure delight!  We  fed the ducks, went to Chuck E Cheese, the park, went on walks and giggled and bonded like crazy
Steve and I missed him so much when he left. The house was too quiet and no one was calling "YaYa" from his crib in the morning. {the first time I heard it I stood outside his room and cried } This little boy has such a sweet spirit it chokes me up just thinking about him. He is so obedient and kind. I took a week off work and all we did was PLAY ...
I had the Greeks over for dinner so they could see him too and of course they fell in love all over again

We had BBQ, sat outside and had the best day ! My sweet sis brought me a birthday cake and we celebrated my birthday too !

I also had a great birthday breakfast with the book babes.They spoiled me rotten and we chatted for three hours catching up. Those are the moments I love most ! Great conversations,over yummy food with the people you love ..Perfection

My sweet Chad treated me to dinner at our favorite spot " Hodads"  Any date night this sweet boy is a treasure!

He loves his momma and when you are with Chad you feel like the luckiest person in the world. You have his full attention and the conversations are exciting and funny ! As I was waiting for him to close up the main tower, he told the surfers that the guards were going off duty for the night over the intercom and then he added " and a happy birthday to my mom Karen Carter"  He is so darling.....I love visiting Chads office ! 

Lastly my friends sure know me well! This is a sample of the "pumpkin" goodness that I received for my birthday !  I guess my love obsession of Pumpkin is quite well known

And I got the most delish white cupcakes !

Thank you Trish and Jamie for the fabulous treats and fun visit

It truly has been a wonderful week!!!
And here is the highlight....He calls me YaYa in the sweetest little voice ever

Wishing you all happy, crisp Fall days....time with loved ones....and joys big and small
As I said , I would rather have his chubby fists around my neck than a strand of priceless diamonds

{ I look horrid in this pic, but the squeeze around my neck is just too sweet to ignore }

My heart explodes with love for all I have been given...

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Anonymous said...

I, too, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE October! One of my very favorite months (also April, May and June). I also love most things pumpkin...pumpkin pie is my very favorite...I don't know about pumpkin marshmallows though. I think I'll leave those to you.

How fun that you got to spend all of that alone time with Beckham and how fun that his parents got to go to Europe knowing that their precious little boy was in the BEST care on earth. Not many parents get that blessing. Beckham is so darling, I just love his hair...well also, his face....but his hair is to die for. Speaking of blessings...he is only lucky little boy to have such wonderful grandparents who could just eat him up.

Thanks for sharing your happy moments on your blog and Instagram. I love being a part of your life...I only wish it was "in person". Love you.