Monday, August 19, 2013

Little joys

This post could really be all about Beckham ! He truly brings so much joy to this YaYa's heart.
Last week I was missing him so much, so I drove up for a few hours to play
We had so much fun ! We played with cars, the hose, his little tricycle and he shared his crackers with his sweet dog
This little video is a snapshot of a perfect day and his giggle and shy "Hi" makes my heart smile

A few weeks back Lindsay' s niece and her friend came to visit. We had the best few days with them . We went to the beach to see Chad, played darts at Travis's house, they came here for tacos and we went there for church and dinner. They are remarkable girls and so fun to be around. We missed them so much when they left... 

We have been having Sunday dinners with my brother Ken, Lindsay and Chloe. It has been so awesome!  We appreciate so much that we have family close and have the chance to see them as much as we do. I still pray that somehow Dave and Sandy will come back "home" to us.
In heaven I just know we will all be on the same block
That's my idea of heaven
Last week Chloe cooked for all of us and it was awesome. Enchilada casserole, rice , salad and watermelon.
I LOVE my niece !!
She feels so much like a daughter to me and I swear we are the same person in almost every way. Her sweet phone calls, texts, and her love for Steve and I warms our hearts!
Yesterday Lindsay cooked dinner and made the most heavenly ribs
Such a wonderful way to end a week !

And shes here .............

Bella Amor Krikac
Dave and Sandy are grandparents to the sweetest little pumpkin ever !
There is just nothing sweeter than a new baby straight from the lap of God...

Lastly, We have had a HUGE answer to prayer and I just want to say  
Thank you
To my Father in heaven for His goodness, and overwhelming love for us!
I pray that you all are blessed this week, no matter what you struggle with or valley God allows you to go through. Stay strong and know that He has you in His mighty grip.
My heart aches after hearing of two suicides this week of people I didn't even know.
I realized how many people face discouragement that is overwhelming , and I only wish they knew the peace of our Savior ! 
Our days are often not easy ones, but we never walk through them alone
Sending every reader a warm ,heartfelt hug and if I can ever pray for you in any way...
Please let me know
Or if you are sad and are struggling with finding me for a tea
I promise we can find some giggles  !


Anonymous said...

It was fun to get caught up on your life a little through this cute post, Sophia. Beckham is to DIE FOR. He is just darling and I love, love, love his hair!! He looks like a little surfer boy already! Chad also looks darling surrounded by those cute girls. I think I've seen a lot of pictures of him surrounded by cute girls....what a life!! There's nothing like a first grandchild and Dave and Sandy got a cutie! I love her name, Bella...sounds so feminine.

Looks like life in T Town is pretty perfect with family, food and friends....a little glimpse of heaven.

Ellsworth Party of Four said...

I tell ya...If I was a girl there at that beach I would wanna be as close to Chad as i could too. He is one good lookin kid! You sure know how to produce nice faces...and it definitely was passed on to Beckham as well. What a darling boy. You are one blessed lady. :)
Fun pictures and sweet baby girl. How fun!