Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A source of my JOY!

I often get these little video messages sent to my phone  from my niece Sara !

She thinks of her auntie all the time and wants to give me  little glimpes into her day or share things that are on her heart

These along with her voice messages almost every day :) sure makes me feel so loved and blessed
And they fill my heart to overflowing with
Who could ever be sad with a Sara in your life
She always finds things to giggle about and she truly walks in the sunshine every day

How lucky I am to have her love !
To have someone who thinks of me and prays for me every single day
And who reminds me that I need pretty dresses and to drink plenty of water!   
And yes, she spilled the beans, we are off to Alaska again
It was the best cruise we have ever done and so Dave, Sandy, Steve and I are going back...!!!!
And we will be taking Sara's advice and packing sunscreen and get plenty of sleep
Find joy today in your life....
And if you cant find any , create it !
Sending you love and kisses from ...
"Auntie"         {one of my favorite titles} 

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Precious!! How truly lucky you are to have Sara in your life! I love her! She would be disappointed with "Aunt Holly" he he I don't wear enough sunscreen and I'm lacking in the pretty dress department for sure! When do you leave lucky lady? :)