Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sunday Six ...

It's been a while since I did a "Sunday Six" but as always this week has brought so many things to be thankful for !

1-Saturday Ashlyn attended a baby shower and asked if I could watch Beckham. Of course I couldn't say yes fast enough! He is simply the sweetest baby! Just talking about him makes me well up. When he got sleepy he went into his room, grabbed his little blanket and rested his head on my shoulder. No crying or fussing but simply told me he was ready for bed. I rocked him to sleep , staring into his sweet face and feeling like the luckiest lady in the world. He reminds me so much of Travis at that age and it makes my heart remember so many sweet moments with my own babies  

2- We had a really fun Book Club meeting and I got all excited thinking about all the GREAT books we are going to read this year. I love my book girls and always look forward to our times chatting and sharing thoughts on life and books. And I'm ALWAYS so thankful for books that take me away and introduce me to so many new people and experiences

3-Its February ! One of my favorite months for so many reasons
It has been cold and gray and nothing  makes me more giddy!
And it is the month we celebrate  L.O.V.E.
So I bought a cute little mail box from Target and put it on my table. I told Carter if the flag is up there is a surprise inside. One day it held a note saying there was a McDonalds sundae in the fridge :)  I love trying to think of new little ways to say I love you everyday 

4- My baby boy has been spending lots of time in Mammoth this season. I love seeing pics of him on his Instagram LOVING life! It is what Chad does best. His passion for life and fun makes me so happy 

5- I know people often post so many silly things , but sometimes they just crack me up !
I saw these and smiled....
I like to think this one pertains to me. Although the 'brilliant' part might be a stretch
 See I do go the Jim everyday !!

6- I love music and I love PANDORA! I have it on my phone and Ipad and whenever I move from room to room I take that great music with me. Crazy but I was missing my mom so much the other morning, so I put on my worship station to remind me where she is and that God is in control of all things. And the very first song that played was the very one we had her funeral slide show made to !  
Yep a God wink to remind me we will all be together soon.

Wishing you all a wonderful week ! 
Living with a thankful heart and filled with lots of giggles and God winks !! 


maggie gonzalez said...

Oh your blog is awesome......FYI I have been to the much this weekend.....I think I am good for the entire year.....but still not a size 2.....Bless you for sharing your blog with me <3

maggie gonzalez said...

I just love this song.....imagine us all dancing in all HIS Glory.....

Anonymous said...

Hey Karen,

Just wanted to say thank you for sharing your blog with me (everyone). I don't always remember to check it but when I do I am always so happy ( or sad...depending on your post!) It always makes reminds me to be grateful.... You have a gift my dear friend and you should write more. Can't wait to see you tomorrow. And yes, Beckham is THE cutest thing in the world!!!

Love You,

Anonymous said...

Love when you write about your Sunday Six! Before you know it, you'll be adding your new job at Mo's! ha ha

Jojo and Ralph said...

Your pictures made me happy. Beckam is so darling!! What a fun post.