Sunday, October 7, 2012

So much fun !

We have been crazy busy but it has been such a BLAST!
We had the best time in Nashville for my nephews wedding. Then it was home for a few days and the Tennessee Krikacs came to see us for a week of post-wedding recovery.
We had way too much fun and my house feels very empty and quiet 
One of my favorite parts of being in Tennessee was hanging out with the kids and my family for five days. We stayed at a beautiful Marriott in Cool Springs. Chad slept in our room and we loved having a slumber party every night.
I have missed that boy so much and he is always so much fun to be around ! And it goes without saying Beckham was a joy the whole trip. The wedding was wonderful and seeing the kids and all the wonderful work at OUR THRIFT STORE was so heart warming as always!
Here are a few pics of the fun...
Martinellis Cider!

Then while they were here we went to the beach, the zoo, church, had massages and great meals. We visited with aunt Mary and saw the kids in San Diego  but this day was one of my favorites. Just hanging out and talking about life
I feel like I did when we were kids....
I could live with them all under the same roof and never tire of their company. We are so like minded and it feels like we belong together. I miss them living here more than anything but am always so thankful for our long visits and that our spouses are close as we all are.
My sis Sandy and I were talking about how overwhelming thankful  we are to have each other as family. We both got teary eyed just thinking about it.
Wishing you all a week filled  with joy and giggles ! The kind of joy that makes you choke up with thankfulness

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