Friday, October 19, 2012

Fifty Acts of Kindness

Fifty acts of kindness for my 50th birthday!
I read about a lady who celebrated this way and I thought it was so touching. Ever since I watched  Oprahs "random acts of kindness" show years ago the idea took root in my heart.
I just love surprising people with a sweet act of kindness!
I have paid for people behind me at Starbucks, gave my "buy one get one free" Egg McMuffin to the guy fixing the light on my street, and ran out to the mailbox to bring my carrier a ice cold water and a snack pack of cookies
The joy you feel is always such a blessing right back to you!
So for the month leading up to my birthday I decided I would find 50 ways to show kindness to a stranger ! To be honest I am still not done but enjoying it so much I lost count!
Some were big...most were small...but It has made me so happy to think of ways to be a blessing!
I remember being taught growing up , the best way to battle discouragement is to find a way to make someone else happy
God wants us to put others before ourselves and I think we all sometimes need that reminder
I know all too well that any good in me comes from Him!
We are all wretched, selfish people without the spirit in us prompting us to do good
So to God be the glory
I wont post all 50 but at least will share a few....

*The checker at Target was telling her friend she couldn't afford to go out to lunch so I gave her my gift card to Rubios

*We gave our waitress a 20 dollar tip "just because" { learned this from my brother Dave the biggest tipper in the world }

*I saw the U Haul in front of our neighbors house and they were working their fingers to the bone to load it up, so I ran inside and whipped up a batch of fresh peanut butter cookies and delivered it to them !  Moving is such a huge job but everything is easier with cookies

*Loaded a ladies groceries into her car at Winco so she could get inside and get her air going
She was so sweet and old I really should have told her to call me to do her shopping!

*Stopped off on the way to the Doctors for a pink bakery box of doughnuts for the girls at the office! That one quite honestly had the biggest response of joy. Guess everyone knows we shouldn't eat them but when they are a gift you almost have to  

*At the sprint store the line was so long and I could see a guy pacing and knew he was in a HUGE hurry, so when they called my name I let him go and I took his place 14 spots later. I assured him I had nothing but time and he was thrilled!  What's  fifteen minutes to me ? Nothing...but it was a blessing to him that day

My sweet Chad carries $5.00  "Jack in the Box"  gift cards and hands them out to the homeless people at the beach. { so much like his yaya who would always tell us everyone deserves a hot cup of coffee or a burger so she always carried McDonalds ones  }  So he influenced me to do the same....I have only given one at a red light but plan on making it  a habit !

I think this project has changed my thinking a little. To be on the look out for chances to jump in and be a small blessing to someone in the world where everyone walks by or averts their eyes to strangers

I have had this check on my fridge since my mom passed away. I found it when I was going through her things. And it is a constant reminder that we may not have a lot, but we always have some to share. She was on such a fixed income and literally would send a dollar to her favorite charities
What a example I had growing up of putting others before ourselves and knowing  that you can never out give God!
He will always bless you back ten fold  

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