Friday, October 12, 2012

I ♥ Instagram!

I just LOVE Instagram!
Pictures have always made me happy and there is so much joy in "seeing" the blessings in each others day!
I get to see babies growing up, friends sharing yummy food and my brother being silly in Tennessee with his sweet customers
It makes me feel connected !
I follow family and friends and love logging on and seeing the captured smiles of their everyday life
But the biggest joy not surprisingly are the pictures my sweet Trav and Ashlyn post of life with baby Beckham!
We don't get to "see"  him everyday but thankfully we can see a picture, and trust me Poppa and I just stare at them and smile
Here are a few of my favorites!  
Daddy practicing a presentation in front of a tough audience

Rub a dub dub 
Such a beautiful momma!

I love what Travis wrote on this one....

More little joys ! But they sure add up to a very thankful life 
My screen name is " YaYaKaren" if you want to follow my sillyness! And then I can follow you too
I would love to share your joys!!

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Ashley Ringger said...

Hope you don't mind I followed you (I'm vintagecrash). I am friends with Abby ( I am a CHS '04 Grad too) and I have seen a couple posts here through her 'Blog Updates' :) I love finding new fun blogs/instagrams to follow :) :)