Sunday, July 1, 2012

Aww "shucks"

Of corn that is 
We love corn on the cob ! 
I have so many memories of eating corn on the cob with my parents. My daddy LOVED corn and he would always bring home big bags of it and we would sit on the porch with a grocery sack and shuck it
And we were allowed to use the whole stick of butter to "roll" it in   
Once my mom and aunts Mary and Kay ate so much they had a belly ache for days
They said it was so good they just kept eating more. I think Mary ate four ears!
I do come from a long line of Nebraska Cornhuskers so maybe it's in our blood
So when I saw this video, I LOVED it and couldn't wait to try it out.
The corn turns out perfect!!
I don't think I will ever cook it any other way ....
Go get some corn, cook it, roll it and thank me later ...
Happy summer!

 Don't you agree this guy is just the cutest?

1 comment: said...

I have tried this method at least 4 times since seeing this video. It is so easy. Try removing corn from cob and combine with butter, garlic seasoning and parmesan cheese. Delicious!!!