Tuesday, July 10, 2012


We had two really fun celebrations this last week !
Travis turned 28 and Ashlyns little sister Lia got married to a darling boy Chris! 

Travis wanted to spend most of his birthday at the beach after a early morning golf game!
So we all met up there and had such a great time with the kids and the baby 
Happy Birthday sweet baby of mine!

Proud Uncle Chad
After the beach we went to Coronado for dinner at a great Italian restaurant and it was such a beautiful night so we ate outside with a view of the harbor.Travis has been telling Steve for so long about a guitar player at the "Hotel Del Coronado" so we went there after and sat in the bar and listened to him play
The guy is amazing!! If you ever have a chance to be there on the weekend night GO!
It was awesome...
And Beckham was such a  good boy the whole night long. Even with us keeping him up way past his bedtime he never gets grumpy. He has the sweetest  disposition 

Then we traveled to Ventura this last weekend for the wedding

 It was so beautiful and meaningful !
LOVE these two~

Travis and Ashlyn were both in the wedding and Beckham was the Jr ring bearer
The cuteness factor was off the charts !  
They looked so cute ! Travis being silly and Ashlyn finding him funny! 
It was a beautiful venue and my talented daughter in law did all the flowers and tablescapes !
She amazes me~

It was a precious wedding and we had so much fun celebrating the sweet couple! 
My sweet boys tuckered out

We also had a fun  4th of July with my brother and his family....

Lindsay and I did a 5k { yes, crazy I know  } and then we had a BBQ and slumber party ! We played cards and hung out a bit with the neighbors at a block party
We also took Cooper to the dog wash and gave him a bath!  He is so darn cute and he and Brody are
Life is sweet....We are so blessed....
And I am one very thankful girl!


Jojo and Ralph said...

Oh your baby is so darling!!! I'm so glad he is sweet too. He must know he's in a good family!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you've been having lots of fun lately. Beckham is so darling. Love the wedding pics...cute couple. Reminded me that we haven't been to Coronado in years, so I began looking at dates when we might go there and spend a few days. It's still hard for me to believe that we live in the desert when I love the beach so much but that was another life and this one is pretty good, so I guess we'll stay here. I hope you continue to have a happy summer.