Monday, June 25, 2012

There is NOTHING cuter!

Than Beckhams first belly laugh
I have seen him smile which is absolutely heart warming but this just about broke my heart wide open!
His very first laugh and it was a belly buster...

Watch it and laugh along ...

I cried with the sheer joy of seeing him so happy   !
These are the moments that give my life meaning
And this little boy, just like my own has stolen my heart forever!

clip-2012-06-24 0 from ashlyn carter on Vimeo.


Happy Hour...Somewhere said...

Too frickin' cute is right!

Anonymous said...

That is the most adorable baby and his laugh is PRECIOUS!!!!!!!!!!
Love this little guy!!!
Auntie Lindsay

Anonymous said...

I LOVE this video. That sound of baby's first laugh is so precious. I remember when Kaci laughed like that for the first time (41 years ago), Jim and I both cried. How wonderful that Beckham's first laugh has been captured on video. Back in the "olden days" my heart just took a picture. I'm so happy that you're enjoying your little baby so much. You are blessed and so is he!! (P.S. I wrote a comment to you on my blog in the comment section, in answer to your comment to me).

Anonymous said...

You are right, there is nothing cuter! xoxo Kaitlin

The fly-fisherman's wife said...

He is SOOO adorable. How fun to have his first laugh on film.