Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Leap of faith...

Although I didn't chose to leap
Today it feels more like I was pushed...

But either way I am flying off a secure, comfortable cliff and praying God opens my parachute and enables me to softly land right where He wants me

After working for Albertsons for 32 years  , I am no longer employed
Our area had massive layoffs and because of a two week lapse in my seniority I landed on the lay off list
32 years down with only 5 to go...
I started when I was just 17 and really don't know any other way of life
Am I mad?
To be honest... am
Mostly I feel sucker punched
The fear of losing my health benefits when we need them most almost takes my breath away
And I will miss the job that I took so much pride in and knew I did well
But mostly I will miss my peeps! 
So many great friendships have taken root there
Every morning at 9am we would call out a 353 and take our breaks together
Sharing the daily mix of reality tv and local news. We shared stories of our marriage and kids as well as our pet peeves.I learned how much they hate barking dogs and they learned how much I cringe when girls pop their gum !
Just the normal everyday things that friends share
That's what I'll  miss most
I don't really believe in horoscopes but every morning our friend Steve would do the "reading" Always ending with us because we are both Virgos. So many times it hit dead on for what was happening in our life
They text me this morning with today's reading. My first day of "retirement"         

Deal with life's actual events instead of stressing about the possible scenarios that might happen. All you can do now is handle today's work and trust in the spirit of goodness that guides your tomorrows
Today I hope horoscopes are a little bit real......

Lastly I cant begin to express the joy of working for my sweet boss ! He is an absolute dream. Always fair, consistent, and kind. I worked for him almost 25 years ago and I was so thankful to be back working for him these last few years! He has become such a important person in my life and the respect I have for him is unwavering
I'm sure going to  miss seeing him every week  { and he's sure going to miss my cookies  : ) 

So now what?
I wish I knew...

I have a business idea that has been brewing in my heart and when I told my kids about it a few years back they were so encouraging. Travis even named it for me!
So I am  praying about going in that direction
But today I am just trying to process not setting my alarm for work, not having to put on my uniform and clock in, and not seeing these faces every day


Jojo and Ralph said...

I am heartbroken and very excited all at the same time. Heartbroken that you gave so much if your life to that company and fell victim to their hard times. But so excited for any and all new adventures you may find. Good luck with your business prospects, I've always wanted to do that but have never been brave enough. Enjoy some much needed and deserved time off

Anonymous said...

Oh gee Karen, I'm a little teary. I only worked for Albertson's for 26 years but I couldn't get out of there fast enough and I have LOVED every minute of NOT working, so I hope it will eventually be the same for you. My very best wishes to you on whatever dream you choose to persue, I know you will be successful. As far as the friends go...look at us...we haven't worked together for maybe 15 years (or more) and yet we talked on the phone the other day for nearly two hours and we read each other's blogs and keep up on each other's families, etc. Your friends won't beable to STAND not having you in their life...they will find you!! Have FUN!!

Cybill said...

Wow Karen, that is a perfect picture about what we are feeling. You are right about God allowing us to land where He wants us. He has a plan and it is a leap of faith! I feel the same way about how I have worked half of my life there and that's all I know as far as work goes but God knows our hearts and He will answer! You are such a sweet person and everyone there will miss you. Love ya!

The fly-fisherman's wife said...

Hind sight is always 20/20... in a couple of years you will look back and realize what a blessing this was. If anything you can spend more time with that sweet little grandson of yours :)