Friday, December 16, 2011

What did Santa bring you?

A few years back I asked some friends what special gift they remembered most from Santa
I LOVED hearing about everyone's gifts. It brought  back the simple sweet days of pure joy waking up on Christmas morning knowing something fabulous awaited you.  I still love creating that feeling for my own kids even though they are grown

So I decided to ask again this year...What did Santa bring you?
Here are some responses,but I would love to add more. So email or comment me and I will add your memory to the list.
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One year, I was probably 7 or 8 I got a TV dog!  It was a big stuffed dog that you could lay your head on and watch TV!  Mair and I both got one, I think one was pink and one was blue.  I LOVED it!  I think with it came my love of TV!!  Cant believe I said that out loud!  I also one year, might have even been the same year, got a pair of gold la-may ankle boots.  They had a little ruffle at the ankle and a zipper!!!!  I wore those ragged!!
LOVED THEM.I thought I was soo beautiful and stylish!

I did love my Chatty Cathy and Kissy Baby but my favorite gift was my “shoe boots” That is what we called them.  They were black boots that were fur lined and when you got those that meant that you no longer had to wear the red plastic boots.  For “shoe boots” you took off your shoes to wear them and  got a shoe bag to carry your shoes to school in.  I was sick that Christmas and wore they all day, even to bed.  Maybe you have to be from Indiana to get it

Barbie was my favorite. She was a blond bubble cut-2nd generation. I also got her Corvette car & her Canape bed. I played with her & pulled her in the car up & down the street for several years. Each night she was put to sleep in her beautiful bed! I still have her in the original box which is displayed in our curio coffee table in the living room. She is wearing her "Stewardess uniform - American Airlines". The bed fell apart but, I still have the Car!!

Oh was my baby Thumbelina doll.  You pull the string away from her back and let it go and she would squirm and stretch like a little newborn baby. I sold her at a garage sale after a few years and have never been more sorry.  I have actually gone on line trying to find her

I would have to say my favorite gift of when I was little was my Barbie Kitchen set. It was just awesome! I had tons of Barbie's and all of her accessories, kitchen, fashion show, football stadium, cars, trucks, etc. We played for days with everything set up in my neighbors shed in her backyard that was empty except for all our Barbie stuff. Years ago my sister sold all my Barbie "stuff" to an antique dealer  and I bought an Emerald & Diamond ring with the money. So every time I wear it I think of my days of playing with Barbie for hours on end.

Kaysie~ '67 mustang I got when I was 15. It was an amazing morning...keys were wrapped in my stocking and the car was outside with a big red bow :)

Mine was my chatty Cathy. I was 4 years old. I wanted her soooooo bad. Apparently I loved to take all of my dolls with me in the bath tub, and even though my Mom said Chatty Cathy COULD NOT go in the tub, I took her anyway. She only talked to me for that one Christmas day. But I was soooo happy to get her!!

I loved my Chatty Cathy too! When she started wearing out, she would say, "Brush my haayy."

 When I was in the 7th grade, I got my 10 speed Schwinn - in the color of root beer brown - It was a total surprise and I was sooo happy!!!

Hoping you are enjoying every minute of this Christmas Season!
And remember....
You better be good for goodness sake!


Kaysie said... '67 mustang I got when I was 15 :) it was an amazing morning...keys were wrapped in my stocking and the car was outside with a big red bow :)

Dave said...


Best Gift Ever was My Little Sister....