Thursday, December 29, 2011




I have loved every minute of having the kids here this week. Travis and Ashlyn left yesterday and  Chad today
The house is clean and quiet and I miss the chaos and noise of my family so much!
It was such a joyous time! 
And to think that next year we will have a 10 month old baby with us!!
We can hardly wait and think she is just the cutest little momma ever!

This Christmas I was also reminded what a blessing it is to have the kind of family that doesn't allow someone to go through a tough time without getting right in the trenches with them. We will help carry the burden of one another as if it is our very own cross to bear. It's a personal story that I wont share, but it was such a sweet reminder what it is to be a part of a family that lifts each other up in prayer and cries right along side the one that is hurting!
We are so blessed and even in the midst of a storm this week, God showed His amazing faithfulness and grace
And that is the BEST gift of all.....

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