Sunday, October 16, 2011


Tomorrow is my surgery 
Although I know I'm going to feel much better soon
I also know its going to be a while until I do 
And that makes me sad
I feel as far as  pain goes, I have had my share & I'm not looking forward to any more
But I am loaded up with books, movies to watch, and my sweet, precious Chad called me last week to say he was going to come home for a week to keep me company! That boy is so tender and thoughtful to his momma!
I am blessed...
They said it would be a three day hospital stay but I am hoping for two. I want to get the heck out of there and get home to my cozy house
But as always I am going to end my post on a high note! I think my uterus will weigh at least 10 pounds and the tumor another 20 so I am thinkin my tummy will be flat and skinny : )
At least I hope so, since I told everyone at work I was going in for a tummy tuck and a new rack? 
I have the funniest story of my Vietnamese nail girl so if we chat remind me to tell you ! It wouldn't translate to writing but it was hilarious!  And it would only happen to me
See, there is always something to smile about  & so much to be grateful for...
I think when I'm asleep I will be dreaming of that beautiful baby boy who will soon be here to snuggle with and all the many blessings of my life. Which includes You !
I would covet your prayers for me and will post soon to let you know how I am doing
Wishing you love and giggles!!     
                                           YaYa Karen~ 
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The fly-fisherman's wife said...

Good luck tomorrow. I will keep you in my prayers.

Jessica said...

Keeping you in my prayers for a successful surgery and a speedy recovery! You are very blessed in more ways than one! Let me know if you need anything at all - I would love to swing by and help with whatever you need! Much love and many hugs!! ♥

maria said...

well as always I'm a day late!! haha!! I'm glad that everything went well for you though!! rest up and take all of the "attention" they're giving you there... :) you'll be home in no time!! you'll see!!! ;) and as soon as you're better I promise to swing by with a treat or two... Here's to hoping and praying for a speedy recovery for you!! :)