Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Remember my old cute names ?  Sophia...La Queenda...
Well move over there's a new girl in town
Steve has named me "Claudia"
Not after a beautiful lady named Claudia, or because of an endearing memory of a favorite teacher or neighbor. I am Claudia because I am a Claud !
And I have to say the name is fitting! I dropped a griddle on my toe and broke it I am sure. It was purple and blue for a week and still sore if I touch it. I tripped last week at work....TWICE!
I walked straight into a pole at the shopping center and slipped on my very own pajamas. I have always been a bit of a clutz but this is a whole new low level. I have heard that menopause does weird things to people and I am beginning  to think its the case for me. Which I find encouraging because that means there's an end in sight!  I have to just land pretty and wear a bike helmet while shopping at the mall for the next 8 years then I"m home free.

In other good news {from the carter convalescent home} I had three of my four tests completed. I  lost at least 5 pounds with the fun prep which makes me one big step closer to being a  personal trainer. They are biopsying one questionable thing in my stomach? and we should know more in a week. But I am secretly hoping it is a parasite so I can get that last 40 pounds off soon.

These are my new dishes  ~ I think they're so me!

Shhh dont tell Steve but I think I know what one of my birthday gifts is going to be....
A Life Alert!

Wishing you  love and giggles! And remember when life knocks us down, try to land pretty and get right back up!


maria said...

oh honey! this post made me laugh... only because today I tripped on my way UP the stairs, with a basket of laundry, and I didn't land pretty... haha! I stopped and laughed, it's payback for not being compassionate to that lady the other day! ;) I will pray that all the tests come back normal... as for the parasite... well maybe not so much! ;)

Jessica G. said...

You crack me up! :) Although, it may not be menopause that is causing it...Wil has said that ever since I turned 30, I am a complete mess! I fell down my stairs a few days ago, and am constantly tripping or something. :) Gotta love getting old, I guess. :) Much love to you and many hugs!!!