Thursday, March 3, 2011


A dime...just ten cents and hardly worth picking up, but to our family a dime has always meant more. I feel vulnerable sharing this story for fear that is seems strange,but it happens too often to ignore. When my mom was alive she would always find dimes and she said it was a kiss from Jesus. She would find them in the most unexpected places and she found them often. She would pick them up and say " I love you too" {with that sweet smile of hers and the cutest voice}  Well, when she passed away guess who now finds them all the time?  

Me and  my  family  too !

Travis was a senior in college and was about to give a huge speech to the entire student body. He approached the podium and as he laid down his notes he found a dime! He said he felt like it was Ya Ya telling him everything was going to be fine. Today as I was sweeping the garage  I was feeling kinda sad because there are more changes at work and a few people I absolutely LOVE are leaving. As I was about to scoop up the dust in the pan I saw a shimmering dime in the mix.
About a month ago Dave sent me a text that said " hey sista within the past day I have found 3 dimes! not nickels not pennies but dimes just laying on the ground" 
I love that to us it feels like a hug from our mom. I find them in the dryer,under my car seat,in my luggage and I always look toward the heavens and say
                                              " I love you too mom "    


Bob said...
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Our Thrift Store said...

I believe in Miracles....I believe in Ya Ya looking down on us and cheering us on....with something so personal like DIMES...Well said Sista.

Anonymous said...

I love this story! Thanks for sharing! :) XOXO Kaitlin

Cougarnana said...

This is such a cute story, I LOVE it...thanks for sharing.