Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday Six...

It has been a while since I did my Sunday Six.It used to be one of my favorite blogs to write as I sit and reflect on all the blessings of the week! Its a good practice for all of us to stop and remember how truly blessed we are!

1- My precious niece Chloe was in a bad car accident and we are soooo grateful that she is ok. She was t-boned by a car who cut her off and it could have been so much worse. She is sore and shook up but will be fine! Ken and Lindsay had a retreat this weekend so I went and spent the day with her yesterday. We laughed, watched tv, went out for yummy salads at our favorite " Cafe Rio"  It was so fun to hang out with my kindred spirit who just "gets" me.
I love you Chloe!!

2- Last Sunday was such a beautiful day so we packed up the pup and went to dog beach. We had so much fun watching him play. Ashlyn's sister saw on my facebook that we were there so she came over, and then both the boys came down and brought Bentley too. We had so much fun! Later we met up with Ash and all seven of us went out for dinner. Such a fun, serendipitous day  and we drove home smiling! {while Brody slept completely exhausted from all the fun}    

3- We are so proud of Ashlyn and her business Carter & Cook!  This week she gave notice at her job to focus full time on her wedding business. She needed to because she is one busy girl! They are so incredibly talented and have weddings booked all year! It was a dream of hers to do this and such a blessing to see her dream turn into a full time career!
She is at a big event today with some of the best of the industry, and feared she wasn't hip enough to pull it all off? I reminded her she was born hip, and we are cheering "hip hip hooray" for them all the way!! 

4-I am so thankful for my job! I love and appreciate that I can work just three days a week, and be home to run the " Carter Empire" I love being a homemaker and wife and love that my boss accommodates me so sweetly.  I work great hours and am quite happy to be there with so many fun people! It's a huge blessing

5- American Idol~ I  love this show!  I adore seeing the people who fight fear and try out and all the sweet stories behind the scenes. It gives me faith in humanity and I realize how similar we all really are. When they make it to Hollywood and come out to cheering families it brings tears to my eyes every single time! I have two early favorites, of course Chris Medina who sings to his fiance who was injured in a accident and also the White House intern who has a voice like butter! And I have to say I don't miss Simon at all. I think the new judges are doing great!

6- My sweet husband! I know I could count him almost every week. He is my BESTEST friend. He sends me sweet text messages telling me to have a good day, he takes care of every single thing, he loves his family with his whole heart and loves nothing more than being with us! He rubs lotion on my feet at night, works harder than any man I know, and is so easy to please. I got this email a couple weeks ago on the anniversary of when we met. How he still remembers amazes me,It made my whole day...
Exactly 29 years ago to the day Tuesday 12/28/81, we went to the movies and I met the love of my life, two great kids,& one dog later I can truly say I love you more today then ever!!
                  Love Steve  

Trust me Steve saying yes to that movie was the best decision I have ever made!

I wish you all a wonderful week filled with love and giggles! And I hope that you all have someone who loves you just the way you are! I count that kind of love as one of the best gifts of all!


Chloe said...

You are too sweet! I enjoyed your company so much, you really do know how to lift a gal's spirits! I love you!

Anonymous said...

Just sat down in front of my new picture window and thought of you and Brodie walking accross the meadow-so-since I didn't see you I thought I had better check to see if you had written anything new. Your blogs always make me smile!

a s h l y n . c a r t e r said...

thanks for the sweet encouragement. i love you so much and often wonder what i ever did without your constant love and support in my life. thank you x 109383 and over and over again.

Jojo and Ralph said...

Love this post. It made me cry for various reasons. And made me happy. Happy week to you.