Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

I'm back! And it made me so happy to know my silly blog was missed! So first a big thank you to  my friends  who stop by to see what we're up to in my corner of the world. It was a beautiful Christmas season ! I said it was the BEST Christmas EVER  and Steve reminded me that I say that every year. How lucky are we that we have so many great holiday memories!
I have lots of photos and fun to share so I promise to get some posts going.
Today is "One One One One" I am going to stay in jammies, take down my tree, make spaghetti, blog, and enjoy a much needed day off from everything! This party pooper was in bed last night at 10 from absolute exhaustion. So today is a good day to regroup.

2011....So much to look forward to!
A trip to Seattle for a wedding
A long visit with the Tennessee  Krikacs this next week
Lots of time with friends and family because that is always the joy of my heart
I believe I will be one BIG step closer to being a YaYa ! 
A trip with my hubby to Alaska
Lots of long walks with my best furry friend Brody!
New books to read and recipes to try

My desire is to a better wife,a better friend, to serve God with a joyful heart and to love people with the kind of love that soothes their hearts....
So here's to us!
A new year and new dreams

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