Monday, January 24, 2011

So many lovely days!

My life has been filled with so many happy happy days! As I shared before my family was here for over a week and we had a BLAST!! Lots of time spent with great family and friends. And of course I cried like a baby the second they drove away! I told Sara I wouldn't, but you know how much I love them !!  I am so blessed to have the family that I do! Because this video is just so darn fun I have to share! Dave doing his thing to Just Dance 2 !! Our new favorite Wii game and hopefully the way this "Proud Mary" will burn some serious calories! It is my new favorite exercise !

After the holiday craziness  and having lots of company.....
I spent a whole day doing nothing but what I wanted to do....
And I have to say it was GLORIOUS!!
I took Brody to the park, we shared a bagel at the Coffee Bean, I shopped, read, got a pedicure,sat out in the sunshine, and puttered all by myself! I didn't take my "to do list"
I just had fun!! I even stopped by Sees for two little pieces of chocolate!
I fought feeling guilty about wasting time but soon decided that I need more of those kind of days!
It was so good for my soul!

And now I am working on getting this house clean. Amazing  how grungy things get so quickly when you are not staying on top of it ! I still keep hoping my maid will show up but I have been waiting for over twenty years and still no one?? So I better get crackin...
Thanks for stopping by, and leave a comment telling me what you are up to!
I would love to hear....
Wishing you days filled with love and giggles and time to do "nothing"  

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Anonymous said...

Great pictures and great fun. It looks like you've had the perfect beginning to the new year. Honestly, that Dave is Mr. Personality, I really have to meet him before I die.