Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sh*t my best friend says...

I really try not to cuss but I have to in this title, and here's why! There is an author who has written a book called  
"Sh*t my dad says"
He started off with a blog, has a twitter account and from that he has written a book. It's pretty funny stuff sometimes! Just funny quotes that his father shares with him in everyday life. And now its a TV show starring William Shatner. Well I have always wanted to be an author, I want lots of twitter peeps and mostly I really want a TV show! So I am thinkin of calling mine " Sh*t Your Best Friend Says"  and  I can steal the thunder right out from underneath this guy! {along with the cash and notoriety  of course}  
You may remember my post called "Random  Portuguese tidbits" {click here to re visit }  
Well this is  just the beginning. Sandy cracks me up every single time we talk ! Last night she was explaining  how busy she is and how messy her house has become. She said her bathroom is not just dirty, it's "gas station"  dirty. Something about that word picture just cracked me up! She said the mold is as thick as her toenails. Then last week she left  a message on my machine saying " I just want you to know how happy I was to get your message and hear all about your ho hum boring life. It made me miss you even more"
What?  I have a ho-hum boring life?  I have been trying like crazy to find a program that records your messages just so I could share them with you for a laugh! She went on to say her hair was gray, her face was hairy and she ate two Marie Callendar chicken pot pies and was still hungry. She also made me promise to bury her in her Spanks and we pinky promised each other that if anything happens to either of us we will be the only ones to clean out the panty drawer so no one knows how long we held onto some that were long overdue for the trash!
The funny thing is she is the CLEANEST housekeeper I have ever met! And you will be hard pressed to find even one extra hanger in her closet or one weed in her flower beds . She does it perfect or not at all. So I know when she says things are a mess, to you and I it is not even close.  
It is simply the BEST to have a friend like we have in each other.
We never get bored and there is nothing  that we think is weird to talk about.I never had a sister but I can imagine this relationship  is pretty darn close.
So I am going to start jotting these musings down, and get myself a agent. Who knows what's next??
A book? Hollywood?
Or maybe we better be a little less honest and make some better stuff up.


Anonymous said...

I haven't watched this show or read the book (?), I didn't even know there was a book by that title but when I have seen the show advertised on TV, I think it looks/sounds kinda dumb...especially the title!! However, now that you've changed the title a little and told about your friend, I have a whole different feeling about the whole thing. I really do think you could come up with a MUCH more clever title though and I hope you'll remember us "little" people when you become rich and famous!

Anonymous said...

You and Sandy just crack me up! I am still laughing out loud about her bathroom being GAS STATION DIRTY! I love you both together and you both are so blessed to have the BFF relationship that you have! I do think you should be writing "That Book"! Love ya tons!
Linds xo