Thursday, September 16, 2010

Bed Bath and Beyond~

I'm thinkin they need to change their name to Bed,Bath and What?  I hate to shop but I'm a sucker for any kind of home store! My absolute favorite being Homegoods. But I also love a trip to Bed Bath and Beyond !  It is so fun to walk in with my 20% off coupon and look around for what I  don't  need. I love the canisters to organize my pantry, all fun new kitchen gadgets, I have a obsession for bowls, and don't even get me started on the linens!
I love them
But I have noticed that the " Beyond" is becoming more and more weird?  In this weeks ad they have  these?
Now I will be the first to admit I've been  tempted to get out the ole duct tape and give  myself a nice lift for a certain outfit.  Sometimes a girls underwire can use a bit more reinforcement.But can you really see yourself "taping  up" on a daily basis? Well if the answer is yes they are on sale!  $ 9.99 for ten lifts.  A buck a lift isn't too bad and with that coupon you get another two dollars off. Heck maybe I will look into it! With menopause hitting me full force I can probably freeze them first and keep myself cool at the same time?

Then there was these...

You just slip these onto your existing button and you can have another inch! So instead of buying pants that fit you can wear the tight ones and  add a button. And they come in all colors! Never mind the huge gaping flap by the top of the  zipper . No thanks, I think I will keep cutting out the waistbands of my size 8 pants and use the maternity spandex. Then I can still say in all honesty that I wear a  size 8 ! But I  hope to God no one ever sees whats going on under my  shirt. 

My other favorite is the Booty Pop!

I can hardly wait to get my hands on these. But the thing is once you wear them do you need to wear them everyday? Do you save the big butt for special occasions? Or do you wear it out to the post office and library? We all have skinny / fat days but do we all have big butt days too? I can just hear the neighbors " Karen looks good today , nope never mind that butt is back, wow that girl can sure fluctuate a few pounds in one day"   Maybe I will wait on that one!

So wish me luck...I am off with my coupon and who knows what I will come back with.
A potato peeler? eyebrow plucker?  Or maybe some new junk in my trunk..... Literally

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maria said...

ok.... I read this post on my lunch the other day...... and I was literally rolling on the ground!! This one is GREAT!!! hahaha!!! thanks for the laughs.... :)