Thursday, April 22, 2010

My favorite thing about today~

Was coming home from work after stopping off for a much needed manicure. I put on my cozy jammies and lit a big fire in my den. It will probably be the last one of the season and I sure enjoyed the crackle and warmth. I LOVE the rain! What about you? What was your favorite part of today?


Just Believing said...

My favorite part of today was learning a new way to make Faith laugh!!! I would do the silly " maniac dance" and then squeeze her chubby adorable cheeks and she thought it was hilarious :) I'm glad she thinks I'm a comedian!

Jojo and Ralph said...

This will sound terrible at first but my favorite part was when my baby hurt herself, I mean she really hurt herself, and she screamed and cuddled herself into me and said MA MA MA MA MA MA MA and then she kept kissing me over and over and then she fell asleep and did that "I've just been crying for 20 minutes" breathing thing that babies do. I rocked her extra long and whispered "I love you" until I knew she was all the way asleep.