Thursday, April 15, 2010

Family Favorites

Sometimes while I am writing my blog I think about when I am gone and my kids visit my site to revisit what our life was like. I am so thankful that technology has come so far and we are so much more advanced at documenting life and memories. But there is such a classic charm at seeing old movies too! My Uncle Pete sent me these old movies of him with my mom and their sisters ! It also shows my sweet YaYa~ I love seeing the joy and excitement on everyone's faces and my mom was so darn cute and tiny in her little green dress. Apparently she arrived in California first then the rest of the Greeks came from Ohio soon after. One of those posts which would be boring to anyone other than family but I am posting it so it will always be here for my own family....California 1953


Jessica said...

Wow, it's so great that you have this! There is so much personality and expression captured in a video that you just can't get from a photograph. Looks like a fun bunch:).

Happy Hour...Somewhere said...

That was the most amazing video...I actually cried watching it. I would love to sit with you and hear the stories of who is who. Loved the shot of the sexy legs, too~! And the Christmas trees...and the old cars...and...I just loved it. Thanks for sharing.

Holly Girl said...

It looked as though it was videotaped specifically for Thia Karen's blog 50 years later!! The way the camera "panned around" to show us how everything looked back then! What a treasure!! Lucky you! :)