Wednesday, January 6, 2010



Seems like this has been an ongoing theme in my life and conversations lately.Even my sweet DIL blogged about the time demands on her with her business and newly married life.My brother Dave and Sandy are here for vacation and we talked at length about the need to "unplug" When we were kids if the phone rang my parents would answer (or not) I cant tell you how many times I heard them say "If it's important they will call back" We would never dream of answering the phone during dinner,we never had an answering machine and never missed it for a second! We would talk quickly and hang up because the yellow phone was attached to the wall in the kitchen and it was so bothersome.

I miss those days...

Now if someones not home, we call their cell. If no answer we text them. And you feel compelled to at least text back because we do not want to appear rude? If it goes a few days and you don't call back they can "facebook" you to make sure everything is OK? I am beginning to think it's all too much.I hope no one misunderstands.I LOVE to be social! But I am finding that I much prefer the old way of socializing. A little walk, meeting for a iced tea,meeting up midweek for a quick dinner. Real relationships,not social networking ones.I am actually sick of my cell phone. And I feel bad if I have put those demands on my family and friends unknowingly. I started a few weeks ago leaving my phone off on Sundays and it has fast become my favorite day. I don't mean to question those who twitter about getting new jeans or sipping a Starbucks,but all the information makes me feel like we are so busy documenting our lives that we don't have enough time to live them? I went to the Library to get a book that I have been wanting and I found two other titles that looked good too.So I checked out all three,then instantly wondered when will I have enough time to read them? But I used to read that many and right now I'm not even working? What the heck is sucking up all my time?

I found my answer...

I check my email three to ten times a day, I check facebook to read updates, I jump on one blog and then another and another. I am out of balance for sure. So I am going to scale back. I am going to be quiet,sit outside with a book and enjoy the sunshine, get caught up on my house stuff, SEE friends and family instead of emailing or calling them, blog a few times a week and "toss out my junk" in a whole other way!I am going to make room for the things that truly matter that I LOVE! I am cleaning out some of the clutter that is filling my life and stealing my time. TwentyTen is starting out on a new path and so far I like it!

Teach me your way, O LORD, and I will walk in your truth; give me an undivided heart, that I may fear your name.Psalm 86~11


Anonymous said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your last two blogs...OK I love them all but I especially love unplug and tossing! Can I get in line for tea? Trish

a s h l y n . c a r t e r said...

You're right. I just totally love it. Here I am sitting on my computer at 7:30 pm...and that's enough to get me to log off and enjoy my life! ;) Hugs.

JoJo and Ralph said...

So does this mean you are coming to UTAH??? For a girl's weekend in St George??? I'll start packing

Anonymous said...

Thank You Tietta!
Well said and very inspiring!!!!!!
We all need truth nd encouragement!!

Love you tons!
Love Linds

Anonymous said...

I love this and totally agree! My mom and I recently went through her parents love letters that her Dad used to send her Mom when he was in the war before they were married, and it totally made me realize how all the effort is taken out of relationships today because everyone is so accesible! One of my New Years goals was too SPEAK TO or SEE atleast one friend a day, its way too easy to text, email or Facebook and barely ever speak to anyone! I love that you posted this! Thanks!
XOXO Kaitlin

Our Thrift Store said...

Amen Sista...I just got caught up on ALL the post I missed, and THIS One has me because it's MY NEW NORMAL. If we don't take back the time it will be lost. I love your comment that we need to get back to "Living Life and not Just Writing About it" Do we OWN our technology or does it OWN US?

Can I add one to the list of goals? When you are on the phone and someone BEEPS in, let's not say "Can you hold on" It makes the person you are talking to think WHAT ...Are They More Important Than Me Right Now? ...."SQUIRREL" ....Love you Terribly...

Uncle Dave