Sunday, January 31, 2010


Where we live there is a common area called the Meadow. It was the selling point to us when we were looking at property all those years ago. We loved it then and love it even more now.Our old house looked out over it and I never tired of the view and the changes in the season.There used to be sheep grazing and my boys loved to ride their bikes down to see them. It is brown and kinda plain in the Summer but still so pretty.Then in Spring it comes to life again. There is wild lavender and tons of wild life. I often see coyotes and still take my turkey carcass down there on Thanksgiving night to let them feast. My aunt Kay always fed the coyotes so I do it in her memory. It always made her sad that they looked so hungry. They never bother us and seem to stay off the main paths.There are hawks and lots of wild birds. It is where I always head to on my walks and Brody loves it! I take him off leash and he runs and runs(& has to greet every other runner with hugs and kisses) This morning Steve and I went out for a long walk, my first time since I got hurt and I almost cried! I was so happy to enjoy the beauty and quiet.I just love this area so much and wanted to share one of our favorite spots!Can you even imagine what heaven will be like if this is what God paints on just an ordinary day.
This little video I shot in September. (out of breath and my very annoying voice so be forewarned)

Brody 2 from Karen Carter on Vimeo.

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