Thursday, February 5, 2015

Simplify ~

My family was here for a couple of weeks and it was FABULOUS!!!  I will blog about the crazy fun we had soon, but one of the biggest blessing was having my sister in law Sandy help me organize my house ! 
She is the queen of organizing and she LOVES to do it?  It started with her putting a casserole dish  away because I still cant bend my knee and the next thing I knew 4 hours had passed and my kitchen was organized from top to bottom ! 
It was magic 
Even Sara got in on the "fun" because she loves to check expiration dates :)
Shes a numbers girl and her ole auntie cant even see them with readers

What a gift to give someone of your time and expertise !! And it was the kick in the butt I needed to keep going. I have taken four loads to the Salvation Army and threw away tons of trash
Before you start thinkin this YaYa chick is a slob, I promise my house is clean...
It is picked up, the beds are made and is usually " drop by company"  ready!
But its all a farce because behind the cabinet doors I am a shover !

I  just throw it all into a drawer or cabinet and when my junk drawer gets full I start a new one.
So I have about 4 or 10  { I don't remember}  But Sandy even organized those with baggies full of batteries and another with pens etc
This week I bought some fun kitchen bins from Costco and organized my pantry  even more
I think I am a changed woman !! 
I think....
Steve and I did a bunch in the garage and now I am going to tackle the guest room closet this weekend while the boys go away on a surf trip
I just dont need ALL THIS STUFF !! I am over sentimental and want to save every single card and note, but I started taking pics and throwing most some a few away !
 I found this one and sent it to Chad from my sweet mom... and then 

I actually threw it away !!

My hoarding battles are being won little by little and it feels so good
I think that is my word for this motto creed ...
Thank you sis for all your help !
Now onto the closets...
Wish me luck, I'm going in  

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