Saturday, February 21, 2015

Catching Up ...

Some random Joys and updates from the Carters ! 
I am working hard on getting my knee up to snuff ! Sadly it has not been easy . I got the MRI results and found out it is just " a severe bone bruise? and there is some cartilage damage but they seem to think when my knee settles down that it will settle down too?
I am still in therapy trying to get my range of motion back. I still walk so horribly and just cant get that darn leg straight

So while I am off I am continuing to work  like crazy on closets and drawers and just today took a HUGE car load to the Salvation Army
I dont know where all this "stuff"  lives but I find it and off it goes
It feels like we have moved and I LOVE IT!! 

Chad had a really epic rescue last week. A guy jumped off the cliffs and Chad jumped in after him. I would covet your prayers for him, he says he prays real quick before he plunges in but when I see the situations he faces it scares me so much
There was a photographer nearby and she took a couple pics
Proud momma had to steal them ...this boy is my hero

The kids took out their big picture window and replaced it with amazing accordion glass doors so I had to take a pic of Beckham and Pops like the one I did last year.
Gosh he is so grown up now

Last week I spent a day with them and had such fun !!
Beckham is a ball of energy and  Joy !!
He is stoked on life and is so expressive and sweet. He loves to dance, loves his poppa and talks about his daddy so much. And his love for Amelie is off the charts. He kisses her constantly! He still loves to be naked with just his undies on.

And our sweet Amelie loves to sit up and play with toys and she giggles and loves food !
I think she wants pizza !!
No, she told me ...
She has two teeth and is such a good sleeper!  her skin is soft as silk and I love to smell her neck
Ashlyn shared this pic of them last week and I adore it !!

Wishing you days of joy and laughter....
And closets with extra room and bare shelves :)

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