Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Pumpkin Aplenty !!

If you know much about me, you know I am moderately obsessed with all things PUMPKIN !! 
{ or as my boss says " Punkin" Every year for a month or two we hear it and smile, because none of us has the heart to tell him }

My love is a sickness really and I try my hardest to resist but lets face it the retailers heard our cries and there are millions of pumpkin products now !
So I thought I would share my " hits and misses "  and help you make wise pumpkin choices
That way I can honestly say I tried these for " research "
You're welcome !
ps I did not buy all these because word has gotten out so some of these were thoughtful gifts and " you gotta try these "  Ya'll are so sweet !!
Pumpkins you are

The long stemmed real pumpkins are darling !!!  I love the rustic look of these...
The Chobani yogurt a win 
The rolls a loss { we actually threw them out , not good or butt worthy }
The croissant is pretty darn good and kinda feels healthy with those nuts on top :) 
Trader Joes pumpkin bread is always a WIN!!!
And if you add chocolate chips even better
The petite scones  from Traders are ok....didn't love them
Pumpkin Oreos....if you generally love Oreos you might really like these but I am just not a fan of  Oreos in general so for me these were a pass
Pumpkin granola bars ...delish but we love all the " this ? walks into a bar" from Traders
And the BEST treat was the pumpkin almonds from  World Market !!
Made by Sconza they are to die for !! Just the right amount of yogurt coating and pumpkin pie flavor!!  So so good !! A gift from my sweet Barbie and I ran over the same day and bought five more bags as gifts. They are that good  

And of course my favorite lotion...Trader Joe's Pumpkin Butter !! Get it while its hot because this stuff sells out fast and I had to enlist my friend and sister in law to find it for me !
Its amazing!!! Last year I gave it away as one of my Favorite Things !! 
Another fun gift was the pumpkin cupcake soap from Bath and Body works
My sweet Lindsay got me some and its so yummy in the downstairs bathroom !
And my sweet friend Paula sent this darling bowl with candy corn for my birthday !!
Yep words out....
I am a pumpkinaholic and I'm thankful that the kids from my block still stop over for treats so after a bite or four I can get some of these treats out of the house !! 

So that's my roundup from Pumpkin central !!
Wishing you lovely days filled with things you love and a Fall that is full of wonder and JOY 

And Honeycrisp apples !!
They are only here for a short season so enjoy your apple a day
We love them !  



Holly Girl said...

Thanks Punkin! :)
Remember when we both brought pumpkin dump cake to Christmas bunco? You can never have enough! We found pumpkin cereal, but the boys weren't fans. Got my pumpkin flavored coffee we found at Winco, with my pumpkin creamer! (which I always get at your store since Winco doesn't carry it). Thanks again for the review and happy pumpkin hunting! I'll be sure to keep my eye out too! :)

Anonymous said...

This cracks me up! I cannot believe that anyone loves Pumpkin THAT much but I love reading about your adventures in trying all things pumpkin. xoxo Kaitlin