Sunday, September 28, 2014

Amelie Jewel

Our precious new grand baby  arrived August 29th at 743 am weighing 9 pounds 1 oz
And she is beautiful !!!
A perfect gift straight from the lap of God and we all fell in love at first sight
Ashlyn is a rock star and delivered her naturally just like she did Beckham
To hear Travis tell the birth story was one of the funniest things I ever heard
They labored in a tub in a birthing center at UCSD, and when it came time for her to be born Ashlyn stood up and delivered her right there. Trav was wearing his board shorts and said it was way "gnarly" and they felt like hippies !
I am so proud of these guys for being such a team and such a support for each other
When we arrived Ashlyn looked incredible and was glowing !!
A hour after she had her...Gorgeous !!
It has been the happiest month with lots of visits to help, and bond with this sweet baby !

We feel so incredibly blessed and  love these grand babies with a  
love like no other
Amelie I pray you always feel this loved and cared for !! 
Welcome to the world sweet girl ...........

And wait until you get to know your big brother !! He is the sweetest boy and loves you already

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