Sunday, August 17, 2014

Dittos and Wallabees

This past week  my mind has been so nostalgic.
It all started with a cute new top I bought, I thought it was darling and I had to have it !   

It immediately brought me back to my childhood when all I  wore were " angel tops"
And I wore them with my saddleback dittos which I had in almost every color
I probably paired them with " Wallabies"  or Dr Scholl sandals !
Funny how something can trigger a memory and you are brought right back to another time
I remember when my mom insisted that I have my own room and moved the boys in a room together so it could happen.
I got a beautiful canopy bed with a yellow bedspread
I LOVED it !! I would sit on my bed for hours  and dream and read
I felt like a princess and she had so much joy that she was able to make it happen
With four kids such luxuries were not the norm, and I know how much she saved to get me my new room
I wish that I could find a picture of it, but I am thankful the picture in my mind is so clear.

We lived in a very simple house with a "Osborne6-0626" phone number. I remember having to make emergency breakthroughs because she was on the phone too long with her family
We would call the operator to make a "break through" or a "collect call" if you were somewhere without a dime   
We would often get a party line and my mom would make us hang up but I loved to secretly listen in. I begged to have a "jack" put in my room so the boys wouldn't listen to my conversations from the kitchen phone
Funny how operators and busy signals are things our kids will never know ?
Or Blue Chip Stamps !  Pasting them to take to the " Blue Chip" store to pick out a new ironing board or toaster and maybe a "bean bag"  ashtray with the leftovers 
I used to ride my bike to Food Giant with my friend Renee with a note from her mom to buy her a pack of cigarettes { we were maybe all of 12? }
Dr Pepper Bonne Bell ...Ice cream cups with wooden spoons...My Holly Hobbie lunchbox with hopefully a space food stick inside !
I always had a "Frito Bandito" eraser on my pencil that was tucked into my Pee Chee folder.  

And I hated to have to dry my hair with this , so I would just sit in front of the wall heater in the bathroom until it dried

All these thoughts from a simple trip to Macys ......

Wishing you all a week of joy & giggles and a memory that takes you back and makes you smile !!! 

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