Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sunday Six...

I decided it was time to sit for a few minutes on this beautiful Sunday and share six things that I am grateful for !
I used to be so diligent in blogging our life and somehow lately I am just so busy living it
But as always there is so much to be thankful for   

1- In case anyone is worried that I outgrew my  "dork"  factor as previously shared  here ,
I can assure you it is still in full force ! Just last week while eating my salad at work I thought it would be better to dip my fork in the dressing rather than pour it on my salad. I no sooner finished and looked down and there was dressing in my hair, on my apron and my lap.
My friend said I couldn't dip worth sh*t so that made me a  "dipsh*t"
We cracked up....then the next day I came to work with a lisp and a swollen lip because I roasted a marshmallow on the stove with a fork and then stuck the fork in my mouth! I heard the sizzle and couldn't talk right for a few days as the HUGE BLISTER healed. I seriously think I should look at some old folks homes and join the wait list. Steve still says he is going to get me that life alert !  But I am grateful for humor and the ability to find it in my crazy life

2- I love my bunco friends! Got a text a couple weeks ago that said to wear camp clothes and be ready to sing campfire songs at bunco. We arrived at Paula's and had a blast !

She BBQ ed for us and gave us hoola hoops and darling little solar flower pots.We sat around the fire and chatted and laughed all night. Then the other night at Kim's we had another wonderful evening !  Always a place of acceptance and great conversations without judgement or filters. I am so thankful for friends who are real and who let me be real ! 

3- Last week was Travis's birthday and they wanted to go away for a little surf trip without the baby! So you know what that means.... YaYa was on the job.
We read books, played with the hose, took long walks and even longer naps and ate yummy popsicles !  It was a perfect day ! Poppa came later and so did uncle Chad. It was the sweetest day and the kids had a much deserved get away
This boy.....Be still my heart

Photo credit his momma
4- I am thankful for this man...
My handsome sweet hubby. He is a great dad, grandpa and husband. And sometimes I take him for granted. I seriously don't remember the last time we had a fight but lately we have been kinda on each others nerves.Sadly I think I am to blame for most of that. I have been snarly. So last night with my brother Ken and his family here we talked it out , counseling style.  I am so thankful for our family who has so much insight and wisdom. I can see why Kenny is such a good a marriage counselor/ pastor because he can see areas which need attention and articulate well how to set things right again. And  Chloe & Lindsay are so much like Steve that they can help me see how he thinks and feels. Feeling blessed , forgiven and renewed.  
I think we just might make it another 30 years!  

5- Our little Krikac family is growing again !  My nephew Koby is getting married
He is the sweetest young man and is so mature and ready to be a husband. Even though they are young I know it will be a solid marriage with lots of love and faith. We all are looking forward to the wedding and seeing his joy as he sees his beauiful bride.
Also next month my nephew Kory is having a baby girl. So my sweet brother Dave becomes a grandpa and Sandy a grandma! I am so excited for them and can hardly wait to see the sweet baby girl. I just might need to fly to Tennessee to meet her in person.  

6- Summer Swimming ! Today was the first day I dove back in the pool !  It felt so good to be in the water and I remembered how much of my time was spent there last year. I simply love floating, thinking and swimming my laps. Generally summer is not my favorite time of year but having a place to cool off and escape makes it so bearable. {Thank you Casey! 
The only problem is I just hate crowds 
Wishing you all joy and summer breezes
Time for family and good conversations
And always lots of love and giggles ! 
And remember to always be silly  


Holly Girl said...

Thanks Karen! Just reading your blog fills me with love and makes me giggle! :)

Anonymous said...

I love reading your posts and love how honest you are, it's so refreshing! It's so good to hear you take the time to take care of your marriage. :) XOXOX Kaitlin

Ellsworth Party of Four said...

I love you Sunday Sixes...they are always so inspiring and fun! LOVE the bum! How adorable. Lucky Grandma!!