Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Christos Anesti

He is Risen....
And  what a fun celebration with my family
Ashlyn decided to host this year and she did such a amazing  job !
Our girl can put together a party with sweet details and great food and make it all look easy. And she does it all with a one year old busy boy under foot
It was so nice to be with her family, it has been years since we all celebrated a holiday together
The Greeks decided it was too far to travel and were very missed!
A few fun images from a wonderful day
Sara's been calling me to complain my blog is the same every time she logs on so I just had to put up a few quick pics { thanks for always stopping by Sara! Auntie Loves you  } 
 My talented daughter in law hand painted this darling tablecloth was so stinkin cute

Uncle Chad loving on B
 Its exhausting being this adorable ...
 The newly engaged ....Kimberly and Russell
 My handsome boy ...And left Right Center winner!

 LOVE them...and love the views out of their house...ahhhmazing

Fun Fun Fun....
We certainly embrace our crazy


Anonymous said...

I love all these cute new pictures. What a beautiful family...and, of course, Beckham is To Die For! The table looks amazing but I can't see Ashlyn's hand painted work...sniff, sniff. I made the picture as big as I could on my ginormous new monitor but I still couldn't see it and I'm sad. I know it's gorgeous. It looks like such a lovely day. Happy Easter (past) and Happy Spring!

Anonymous said...

P.S. Were you playing Left Center Right? Looks like a big pile of money and maybe Chad won? Kaci and Raleigh recently played that at Kaci's company party and they won $ that's my kind of game!