Sunday, March 17, 2013

Punching In ...

Last week when I decided to return to work I started this crazy list in my head of all that I wanted to do before jumping back in
Amazing what "normal" people can accomplish while working full time and here I am with a part time job feeling like I have  so much to do before returning
There is not enough time in my normal life to see everyone, do all the chores that need to be done, and have all the fun that needs to be had! 

So away I went crossing off my list....
I cleaned out the fridge and freezer , and once again organized my pantry

Washed the down comforters and packed them away until next winter

Did all the laundry and put everything away  { I even matched all the socks }

Had our taxes done !

Filled all my bird feeders with thistle and made nectar for my hummingbirds
Straightened up the garage and trimmed my rose bushes

Celebrated a very special birthday with the book club girls for our dear friend Nancy !
Breakfast at Mo's and lots of fun conversation 
I also met Trish there the very next day for another two hours of chatting! So fun

Had Chad come down for a sleepover and enjoyed time with him playing cards, getting massages, taking walks and eating all his favorites
Just being with Chad makes your heart smile ! He always makes us feel like we did such a great job and thanks us constantly for being such great parents
{ we all know darn well he is just a extraordinary child }  
I also met my sweet aunt Mary for lunch and we chatted for three hours at Marie Callendars 
She is almost 87 and is so full of life. She loves a great conversation and I am never bored chatting with her. I actually spend half the time just cracking up ! 
I also met my friend Katie for lunch out in the winery and it was wonderful
Some friends just bless your life by being in it  
And she is one of those friends! It was such a beautiful day ....
So I think I'm ready!
I got my schedule and feel so thankful to have three eight hour days so even though I am driving it is the best possible scenario
God showed me clearly when I was wrestling with the idea of going back or just retiring that He wanted me to be "diligent"
Only God knows my future and I do feel like it is the diligent thing to do. So I am laying  my resentment of being laid off after 33 years aside and replacing it with a grateful heart that they have called me back
I am Choosing Joy ! 

And wishing you all a wonderful week filled with fun and giggles! 

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Anonymous said...

Good for you and your great attitude. I'm not sure I would be quite as happy as you are about returning to Albertson's but I do remember some fun days (mostly those days were when I worked with you) and I hope you will have many!! Three 8-hour days sounds pretty good, that way you can still party 4 days a week. My hope is that you will get to return to a store near your home and that you will again be able to work with all your friends. I think I see that in your future! Here's wishing you a FUN week!