Thursday, January 3, 2013

Downton Abbey

I was so excited about Thansgiving & Christmas spending all that wonderful time with my family
{ my real family } 
But oh how much I have missed my other family that live in Downton Abbey 

Lady Mary ,Mathew ,Cora and the Earl of Grantham
I had heard about this series from so many people {mostly you Littles}  and wonder why I ever hesitated. Because once I watched,  I was hooked for good
I love it all!
The clothes,the manners, the struggle between the siblings,the intense friendships between the help and the family. The class and refinement of days gone by
The story literally took me away! The hours you spend watching are like living in another time.
I asked Steve to please watch one episode with me and he literally watched the entire two seasons in three days! We sat one Sunday and went through 9 episodes and never moved.
He now calls me " My Lady" and I call him "My Lord"  Honest to goodness we spoke in a English accents for days!
Season 3 starts soon and I am giddy with anticipation !


Jojo and Ralph said...

Don't even get me started.... I am counting down the hours. I hope my mom will host a Downton Abbey Party. I watched the last episode of Season 2 on Sunday and bawled!!! "Lady Mary Crawley will you do me the honor of becoming my wife" Oh my romantic.... What is in store for us, Sophia?

Anonymous said...

Hey the picture on your post is a spoiler.....Lady Edith gets married! Do you want to know more??? Just ask....hehehe

Ellsworth Party of Four said...

Oh how we missed this show! I am so glad that you and Steve are watching now too. Isn't it fun!! I believe I was boen in the wrong century! I could DIE over the clothes!

Anonymous said...

will give it a try sherie