Thursday, August 2, 2012

The good, the bad and the ugly

That pretty much sums up my last weeks
The good...
The hubby and I took off for a fun play day in our new car. We had so much fun chatting and being together in the car with no distractions . We went out to Palm Springs and had lunch and did a little shopping. We also visited with my aunt Sylvia for a few hours. She was a RIOT!
She is so gorgeous and is 89 years old today! We met up a beautiful hotel and after about two hours she said " I probably should go park my car" So of course I asked her where it was?
She said " oh I always just pull up to the valet curb and tell the people I will be right back I'm just picking up some people"
She doesn't like people driving her Mercedes and she says it takes too long to get her car when she is ready to go?
Now that is Greek 
Thia Sylvia~
But she is so darling ,spry and totally with it. I have interviewed all the Greeks for a blog/book I am writing and she never wanted to sit down and answer any questions. But little did she know I am half way done after Saturday  

The bad...
It was one of the worst weeks I have ever had as far as pain goes. I knew I had two stones and the problem with them is that you never know when it will move. Saturday I was cleaning berries from the farmers market getting ready to go to some friends for dinner and cards. And within 10 seconds I was on the floor in agony. Thankfully my Dr lets me keep pain meds on hand so there is no waiting in a crowded ER for a Dr to see me.I can get some relief within 20 minutes.
 I was miserable for a day and half. Poor Steve just kept bringing me meds and water and looking at me helplessly.Well one finally passed on Tuesday night but for some reason I was not feeling any relief. So I went to see Dr McDreamy to find out why. He thought maybe it had scraped on the way out and that was the source of the pain or it was from the other one. So he sent me for a Xray to see what was wrong and that night I passed the other one

So here is the ugly....

Two horrid jagged rocks!
If only they were pearls...or diamonds...
I am on such a search to find out WHY I keep getting these nasty buggers
If you have any advice, I am listening
I keep thinking about people who live in chronic pain and I truly pray for them whoever they are. That kind of pain is  
drop you to your knees God awful

But for today I am thankful for so much! I always have to end on a high note looking at my blessings rather than the bummers
And you simply cant stay discouraged long with this little guy in your life!
Happy 5 months Beckham Paul !  
YaYa loves this boy with her whole heart and then some..

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Cougarnana said...

I have been laughing for two days about Thia Sylvia, she should have been in My Big Fat Greek Wedding with the whole Valet parking story. I LOVE her!

So sorry about the horrible kidney stones. I know I've told you before that I've had only ONE experience with them and I thought I was going to DIE. I would rather give birth every month for the rest of my life than go through the pain of kidney stones. I really don't know how you've survived this experience over and over again. Bless your heart!

Beckham is so darling. He just fits in with all the beautiful people in your family. I hope you have a happy day!