Sunday, August 12, 2012

Joyful images from a happy week !

A few of my favorite moments this week.....
My friend Jodie had a BBQ / Chili cook-off party and it was such fun! For me one of the highlights was seeing Miss Kendal! Just like seeing Missy Franklin in the Olympics restores your faith in young people, so does this sweet girl. She is just the most loving, well mannered, faithful, life loving  girl ever! I remember when she was born and cant help but feel so proud of who she has become
This little guy just gets cuter and cuter! I got to see Beckham for a while this week and I loved every second of it. He now "sings" and his little voice is so high and cute! He has the chubbiest thighs and they are what remind me most of Travis when he was a baby!
He is all smiles and has the sweetest disposition. 
I love a vase that Ashlyn uses at her house and have been on the hunt for one.It's actually a mint julep cup but I just love the simple beading and the silver color. So sweet Ash came home from her errands with one for me! So as soon as I got home I picked  roses from my moms bush and put it on my table. I LOVE it and I love her for being so thoughtful ~  
I met Thia Mary for lunch this week! We chatted for a few hours and I always leave smiling.
She has so many awesome pictures of stars that were candid shots from my uncle Nick. This one of Marilyn Monroe Dave loved , so he made Mary a canvas oil print and it is beautiful!
She was so thrilled to get it

Lastly I love this photo! I have not worn my original wedding ring for years. One night when my kidneys stopped working  and I couldn't pee Steve had to cut it off my finger. And he had to do it right that second!  So he used wire cutters and it looked pretty bad. We put it away and I have been wearing a newer,more stylish platinum set that he bought me.
But for some reason with our 30th anniversary coming up  I got sentimental and wanted my old rings back. So we got it fixed and picked it up on Saturday. I cried right there at the jewelers!
I flashed back to when we went to John Crandall jewelers at the Del Amo mall and picked it out together! They took a Polaroid picture of us and had it on their wall.Even after the kids were born I would stop by with them in the stroller and see it up there. I once lost the diamond out of the middle at work and spent hours digging through the broom trash and actually found it! So this ring and I go way back.
I love having it back on my finger where it belongs. Its not big, its not fancy but its sweet and
I love it!

All these pictures were taken with Instagram, my favorite app ever! It is so fun to take and share pictures with the people in your life. If you haven't tried it do so
If you have Instagram find me! I would love to see the photos of joy that make up your life
Wishing you all a wonderful week filled with love and giggles and snap shots of fun! 

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