Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mothers Day Blessings!

What a great week it has been ! I thought of my mom so often and I found another dime so I know she was thinking about me : )  I went to the new Nordstrom rack here in town and while I was there Steve called to tell me that a job he applied for and we had been praying would come through did. They had just called him and offered him the position. I teared up right then and there because I knew how much he wanted it and he was trying so hard not to get his hopes up. After hearing the good news I decided to get him a pair of work pants, and as I went to pay there on the register was a dime! Seriously what are the chances??
Not a penny, not a quarter but a dime....
Another sweet blessing this week was my visit with Chad ,Ashlyn, Travis and Beckham! Poppa Steve came down with me and he and the boys golfed while Ashlyn got her hair done and I held that baby for three straight hours of bliss! He is soooo sweet, and he smiles like crazy now!  
We had so much fun with him! When the boys finished we all met up for dinner at Sammy' s for my  favorite grilled chicken salad!   The kids gave me beautiful cards that of course I had to read later by myself because they are so heartfelt and tender that I get overcome with emotion!
Ashlyn and Trav got me the most beautiful framed pic of Beckham and some wonderful night creme I have wanted since I saw it on Dr Oz. { I will let you know if when all my wrinkles disappear!} And Chad wrote me the most heartfelt letter that I will cherish my entire life! He is taking me to lunch this week for my gift!   
I love lunch dates with my boys
I cherished every minute of my Mothers Day celebration and sharing it with the sweet new momma  for her first mothers day!

asleep on my chest
proud poppa
Poppas hands

I miss my mom so much but am so thankful for the promise of seeing her again. And in the meantime I will love being a  YaYa knowing she taught me everything I know about unconditional love and spoiling them rotten with kisses and time! My boys learned so much from her. Friday when I saw Chads truck he had a case of water in the seat. He told me he likes to keep them there so he can give them to the homeless people when he sees them...
Yep he's his YaYa's boy !!!  
I reminded him that my mom would always have McDonalds gift certificates to give them and he thought that was a great idea. Wont surprise me one bit if I see those in his truck next time. 
The boy has a heart of gold...
So for all my blessings this Momma says Thank You!!!  
And for my sweet hubby who models everyday what it is to be a GREAT dad and husband and made me the Mom I always dreamt of being    


Anonymous said...

What a sweet post, Sophia. I am a little teary after reading it. You are truly blessed for sure. Beckham is getting cuter in every picture. I'm glad you had a happy Mother's Day.

Congratulations to Steve on his new job. I'm not sure I know what he does for a living (I must have known at some point but apparently I've forgotten). Well whatever it is, I'm sure he's good at it and I'm happy for his new position.

Some years ago, either for my birthday or Mother's Day, my girls each wrote me a letter. They told me about things they remembered about their childhood and they said nice things about me being their mother. Honestly, those letters meant (and still mean) more to me than any gift they ever bought me. That was a very sweet and thoughtful gift from Chad, what a nice son.

I hope your week is just an extension of a wonderful Mother's Day.

P.S. Have I told you about Downton Abbey? Have you seen it? You must check it out!

Anonymous said...

I love all of this post and I love hearing your dimes stories, it's def your mom! Love seeing the sweet pics and love you! xoxo Kaitlin