Saturday, March 17, 2012

Maternity Leave

I promise to be back soon and they wont all be posts about Beckham!
But for now I am busy with work, and visits with the new Carter family. I just got home from a couple days with the kids and I was in full  YaYa mode  { my family knows just what that means}
I did what YaYas do best....clean, make sure everyone has PLENTY to eat, and help  in every way possible!
But mostly I did a lot of this ...

I was able to go the Pediatrician with Ashlyn and Beckham and it was so fun to be there as he was weighed and checked  
He is just the sweetest little guy and I love every second with him in my arms
This weekend I am off to a birthday party, grocery shopping, church, laundry and getting my own house back in order 
But he will be in my every thought and dream

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend filled with love and joy!


Jojo and Ralph said...

Can you come to my house and YaYa??? I need a YaYa... We could tidy up the spare bedroom for ya and you could share a bathroom with Brayden. You know that sounds fun!!

What a great mother in law you are!! That little family is lucky to have you. I bet 99% of your posts will be Beckham posts... I love having babies because my mom comes and fixes everything and folds all my socks and cleans til she drops. Sadly... That's over. Now I'm going to have to create some phantom illness.
He is as cute as he can be!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Karen
Mary and I just looked at the pics on your blog. Lots of oooohhs and ahhhhhs from the both of
us. Thanks.
Your blog is very impressive but I want to know when the heck do you find the time to do all that
you do??
Love ya
Mary and Pete

maria said...

Looks so fun!!! :) You are a good YaYa!! Beckham is a lucky little guy!! :)