Monday, March 19, 2012


I have often asked for prayer for Chad because he is constantly off on some adventure
Costa Rica, Skiing in Mammoth { where he is now } or mountain climbing. He made it sound like he did a "little" climbing but because of Facebook I was able to see the pics.
Now you know why I ask for prayer.....

Yep that speck up there is Chad

Are any of these guys certified climbers?Nah

                          The kid knows no fear!

Maybe its best he kinda skims over the details , because I am wreck when I know what he is up to!
I also found some cute surf pics from Costa Rica on his page. This boy has such a passion for life and I enjoy seeing him live it fully!

So when you say your prayers...
Pray for Chad too!
For safety, caution, protection but mostly that he never loses his LOVE for life!
On  top of being so darn adventurous he's just the cutest,sweetest boy ever!
Last week he was with Beckham and he text me
" Thank you for caring for me when I was too young or asleep to remember"  
I melted....he is so thoughtful and always thinking about his momma
I don't know how I lucked out with such sweet, manly boys in my life! And I am thankful that Beckham will have such great role models!
But I'm already praying Beckham takes up chess and checkers for sport
YaYa can only handle so much 

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