Friday, August 12, 2011

The sweetest surprise

I arrived home to this adorable box from my childhood friend Jeanette! She filled it with my favorite candy {that she would tease me endlessly about liking when we were kids} Candy necklaces, nickel wafers, all that chalky candy that no one likes? Well they are my favorites!

I gave up sugar 6 weeks ago but have put my box away for a "binge day" and I am going to enjoy every sugary bite. I am going to put on those big red wax lips and "smoke" a candy cigarette while thinking of how very lucky I am to have a friend like her. She also included a framed picture of us girls, and one of me with her darling son Blake!

Now that's what I call a fun serendipity!

The note said "As sweet as all this candy is,you are so much sweeter to have been by my side during my fathers services"

Jeanette it was my honor~
Loving you just comes naturally! 
It always has....

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