Thursday, August 18, 2011

Bragging Rights

I wish I didn't have such great kids, so I wouldn't have to brag so darn much !

But I do....

So I gotta ...

So indulge me once again if you would...

San Diego is a huge city
There are millions of people and lots of successful businessmen

And guess who was awarded the business award for the
"Top 40 under 40"

Our very own Travis Paul Carter !!

Travis was picked for this amazing award and the magazine will be coming out next month. He assured me he would get me a copy of the magazine, but I told him never mind that....

I will be driving down and snatching every copy in a 40 mile radius

I cant help it , I am just so proud of him!

Not only did he earn this great award, but he is only 27 for goodness sake!
This child of mine who has such a passion for square footage, people, and real estate has taken his interest and made a career doing what he LOVES!
And I love that he finds so much joy in his daily life! And I am so thankful that he is surrounded by the love and support of men who have mentored him along and who celebrate his growth and achievements

What a blessing !

Of course I could not wait until the magazine comes out to share the news when I saw that his Alma Mater wrote an article about him. Click here to read it.
We love you Trav and pray you always stay humble and sweet

I know you will !

Its who you are

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Anonymous said...

So proud of him!! What a great accomplishment.
He has done much in a very few short years and has certainly found his niche. Love to you all! Stacy