Friday, July 1, 2011

Counting my blessings...

*family coming for a 4th of July sleep over

*knowing "Travlyn" are having a blast in Kauai with Ashlyns family

*my hemoglobin went up !!

*beautiful  summer sunrises on my way to work

*macaroni & cheese bite appetizer with the book babes
{seriously you will moan when you eat one, so we each had to have two }

*a sweet late night call from Sara because she couldn't sleep 

*the sweetest thank you card from Miss Kendall.It is so precious that I simply can not ever throw it away! How can a young lady at 18 be soooo sweet and thoughtful ? it restores my faith !

*happy  sunflowers from Ashlyn in the cutest vase with a bow

*two phone calls from my brother Paul , I don't get to talk to him that often, but I love that he loves me! 

*My good book, with a icy lemonade, and my feet up in the back yard, cozy in my jammies 

What about you...What little blessings are you thankful for this week? Please share!
I would love to share your joy! 

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