Friday, January 1, 2016


Its hard to believe how long I have neglected my blog...
With Instagram and Facebook they seem to tell the stories of my life so I often feel this space is redundant
But then I have a post in my heart that I cant seem to forget about and here I am deciding to write again
I shared a speech at my brother Paul's funeral and so did his boys and my brothers
And we all seemed to share almost the same thought...
That when you were with Paul you had his undivided attention
He was fully present
Rick Warren shared this quote ...
Attention is the greatest gift you can give someone, because it shows how much you value them "
Paul lived out that quote...
I was thinking of what my word for this year should be ,  I decided it will be


I am often a spazz, I get side tracked and even with dinner guests I am pulling things out of the oven , making sure things in place and only half listening .
I want to be better,do better
My desire and goal is the fully focus
To give my 100 % attention to who is with me in those moments,because at the end of our lives its those moments that will matter , its those moments with him that I remember and they made me feel so loved and value. They have left a lasting impact on who I am 
I think Paul would love that he has left that legacy for me to carry on

Check in on me in three months to see if I am holding true to my word,
Yep that's my mantra this year
And its the present he gave me this Christmas

present:  Existing or happening now; current:

a. Being at hand or in attendance:
b. Existing in something specified:
c. Now being considered; actually here or involved

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