Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Happy news!

Things have been crazy busy, but there is good news to share !
I have been back at my old store helping out for the last couple of weeks but knew it was only temporary. They have to bring people back by seniority and there was quite a few more ahead of me.My sweet boss kept telling me he had a plan and that he would do all he could to keep me, but I was already anticipating going back  
But today he told me its official !
I am "home" to stay!
I'm so blessed that he loves me and I'm so incredibly thankful he did so much to get me back! 

Working with my peeps, three miles from home for the GREATEST boss in the world ! 
Now that's good news  

Our other good news is ....
We are going back to Alaska this weekend !  We are meeting Dave and Sandy in Seattle and sailing off for a nice long, relaxing week!  We love Alaska and are so excited about going back. And spending quality time with them is the very best part!
I am packing  some good books, card games, and my camera ! Everything else is just stuff
And two ex Navy seals will be house sitting watching Brody so I can leave and not worry about a thing  :)  

Blurry , but it was the only one I took
Lastly .....
I had the BEST Mothers day ! 
We met the kids in La Jolla for a long walk and  a wonderful dinner  at " Herringbone" . It was such a cool restaurant and we had such a great dinner. Travis generously treated all of us which was so sweet. Walking around with Beckham looking at the seals, watching him play with uncle Chad at the park, and chatting and strolling with Trav and Ash were  my favorite moments of the day  And I LOVED being able to celebrate "Mothers Day" with my daughter in law! My heart felt like it could burst with joy. Of course I had to read the cards later but they were so tender and loving. I also got the cutest gifts!  A darling little brag book , a tote bag with "YaYa"  on it, a fun travel book and  some yummy treats.
I am so blessed with my little family ....

And just so you can see the cuteness of this little guy....

He really is a heart stopper
And he will probably continue to always be my BEST NEWS !
Wishing you all a wonderful week,filled with love and lots of happy news !


Anonymous said...

Hey Sophia, I'm soooo happy about your return to your home story! That is such good news. Having had the experience of working far away from home and working close to home, I liked being in my own town so much better. This will make going to work a little easier for you. WOW...a trip to Alaska...sounds so fun and beautiful. Wish we were there with you BUT we will be in Newport Beach next week (some of us anyway) and we hope to get to T-Town for a visit. We still don't have a "real" schedule, due to the day to day changes of our kids but we really would like to see you. Let me know when you return from your exotic vacation. Have a great time and tell Dave HI because I'm pretty sure I'm related to him somehow (at least I want to be).

Anonymous said...

oh dear, I meant home "storE'

Kaci said...

I am so happy to hear about your job. There is nothing better than feeling appreciated at your job. I know that must make you feel so happy.

I am happy that your mother's day was great. I LOVE when you talk about your daughter in law and that you love her so much.

And Beckham is TO. DIE. FOR!!!