Sunday, April 22, 2012

Princess Saras Birthday Party!

Princess Sara Nicole

There are no words to describe this most special day! It was so magical and a day we will always remember! Sara is my special needs niece who was created perfectly out of pure joy and love!! She has so much love and excitement for her family and all she has talked about was a princess birthday  party with her family and friends. My brother and sister in law planned it all out with such love and detail. A friend sewed her dress, and also a prince outfit for her brother to walk her in with. Sara wanted her daddy to announce her and she walked in with the biggest smile on her brothers arm ! There was not a dry eye seeing her absolute joy! We had a wonderful lunch and then we danced like crazy!! It was a most magical day for sure 
With her brother the prince

The whole gang at Wilson Creek Winery 
My family!! love  x 8
Pretty place cards
She wanted butterflies in memory of her YaYa my mom
Meeting Beckham
I kept reminding my heart to just breathe in the love and joy that was in that room  because I knew it was so rare and special. These kind of days don't happen very often and we all left there happier as though we had truly been sprinkled with pixie dust!

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Happy Hour...Somewhere said...

Oh Karen, this just made my day. Such joy~!