Friday, June 3, 2011


My oldest brother Paul and his wife Kat have four gorgeous  boys!  They look much more Greek than any of our kids and they are just adorable.And  Hunter was the baby....
He was the last child born of my siblings and my last niece or nephew.
And now he is graduating from high school  !!
How can this be?
He was always the sweetest boy. He loved his Ya Ya so very much, loves his Greek family, and always gives the best hugs to his Auntie Karen. As a baby he had the cutest smile ever,and as you can see some things never change
Watch for him to be famous one day soon because he is an amazing dancer! We are so excited to watch him perform next  Saturday and I hope he will be able to hear us cheering for him with all our hearts
We love you so much Hunter and are so proud of you! 

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