Sunday, June 20, 2010

"Trip of a lifetime" part 2

Wow what a night!
We were in the "mosh pit" right by where the stars walk down to get their awards! So we were able to shake hands or high five Carrie, Keith, and many others. I know I'm such a groupie but wow what a thrill! I was on sensory overload because I wanted to watch the award show but was completely distracted by everything going on right near me. Here is a taste of how close we were and some of my favorite shots! After the show we all went out to a fun Irish Pub with the other folks who were with us on the tour and chatted about how much fun we all had! The whole trip was a BLAST and I feel like we were able to pack in so many of the sights and sounds of Nashville
They will be memories that I will always cherish.

Yes that's me screaming like a 12 year old at a Donny Osmond concert!

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